Champagne !
It's Barb J's
... Home of the Original Olive Martini Bar, established 2005
Don Draper says 
"Can't beat a dry Martini from the OLIVE BAR."
Salted or Sugared Rims
The Olive Martini Bar is proud to serve the very best in all our drink categories, but we take great pride in our sparkling drinks. ​Our traditional champagne, offered by the glass or bottle, is a delicate pale amber color with ​​plenty of bubbles.

We are sure that our bottles and stemware will make delightful additions to your 1:6 scale dioramas, offering a level of sophistication and good taste to match the most fashionable of doll divas.

(... And they make wonderful impressions as gifts!) 
Bottles are filled with cast acrylic resin that has been cured in a way to capture multitudes of tiny bubbles. 
(Yes, we know that's not what happens to champagne unless the cork is popped... but heck, it's awfully pretty to look at!)

Bottles are labeled similarly to picture. Vineyard names will be randomly chosen.
BASIC Champagne Bottle
​Price:  $10.

 Thinking PINK???
We can do that for you.​

​Questions about customizing a set?
Drop us a line. 
We  aim to please!

Individually cast, each unique drink is offered in stemware with a cut crystal effect.  

​​Our traditional champagnes are rich in bubbles and topped with a delicate touch of foam.  (We'll do our best to match 'em if you'd like to order them in pairs.)
For that extra special impression, we offer our bottles customized to your needs.  These are perfect for Table Gifts & Club Events!

Use your custom images or use own label design services.  We can offer many choices of trims and colors to make your presentations unique.    ​Email for full details.​​

Our affordable Set-up fee applies to all custom work.​​


Individual Flutes
Price: $6.​
Customized Bottles
​Set Up fee: $25.
​Price: varies

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