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Basic Wine Glass
Price:  $6.
By The Bottle
Bring a full bottle to your table!
​We offer bottles that are custom-filled with a choice of white or red color.  They are heavy weights (much like our champagnes.) Likewise, they do not tip easily.  Perfect for displays and dioramas!
Best of all, these will pair nicely with the colors of our wines-by-the-glass.  

Choose Red or White wine​​. (Bottle shape will be random.)

​​These definitely look great on a tray or in a bucket of cooling cracked ice.  (available here)

Basic Wine Bottles
Price:  $8.

Our sommelier, Charles, thought it might be wise to start with the BASICS, and he's got four delightful choices to share by the glassful.  

​From left to right, his samples are:​​
  • Deep Red ​Cabernet
  • Fruity Merlot
  • Crispy White
  • Soft Pink Rose 
By The Glass

​Wine Choices

Color Choices
Custom Orders
For those special occasions, we can customize labels for your wine bottles with unique graphics and finishes.

Quantity discounts available ... Perfect for table gifts!​​

Simply Email with your request, and we'll send you a quote.​​