These professional looking utensils are a necessity at the Olive Bar (... Our Sommelier Charles would be lost without one!)
It's Barb J's
... Home of the Original Olive Martini Bar, established 2005

Bucket with Ice Chips & Wine
Price:  $8.
At the OLIVE, we find that wines stay crisper when cooled; so we serve our bottles on ice at tableside, using these translucent ice buckets.  It's a traditional style that blends with any decor! 
(Let us choose a wine to include in your very own bucket of ice.)
BASIC Butterfly Corkscrews 
Price:   $3.  
Our Basic version Corkscrews are attached to long ribbons for a server's ease of use at tableside.  Of course, we've chosen an olive green color for our ribbons. (And yes, the Ribbons are Removable if you choose to separate the tool for any reason.)

Comes in 2 finishes: gold, silver
There are no moving parts to the butterfly corkscrews. They are solid cast metal.

Our Signature Lanyard comes equipped with a large wing-style corkscrew and a sliding bolo in classic olive colors (glass beads.)

Cording is available in brown and black. 
Corkscrew comes in silver or gold.
Signature Lanyard
​Price:  $4.
Wine Bucket Trio
Price:  $9.
Here's our party-sized Ice Bucket, full to the brim with sparkling cubes and holding three colorful wine bottles.

This is a very sturdy acrylic casting. (There are no loose pieces to attract the kiddies!)

Perfect for a Wine Party in your own MadWorld.                                          



​Each bucket comes with individual pieces of "chipped ice."
(NOT intended for KIDS.)

Individual Ice Chips are made from the finest acrylic ... and will stay clear and sparkly for many years!
We've recently expanded our stock of Tavern Trays with a number of desirable new shapes, sizes and colors.  

Each metal tray is finished with rolled edges for safety ( Never a chance of snagging dollies' finest clothing!) And there's just enough of a lip to be grabbed easily by a doll's delicate fingers for realistic posing.

Choose from our affordable BASIC line or the elegant DELUXE series.

Perfect for your displays!  Add a tray of your choice to create the perfect atmosphere for your very own bar scenes.

(Of course, we offer ready-made Tray Playsets on our Drinks page ... HERE.)  

Cork-lined metal trays
Price:  $2. small, $3. large
Mirrored metal trays (small size only)
Price:  $3.

Styles and Sizes
(Large GOLD example shown here.)
(click for enlarged views)
(click for enlarged view)

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​Deluxe Styles Available: